Purpose of Establishment / Activity Indicator

Purpose of Establishment

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. will establish "Mobile Society Research Institute".

With our corporate philosophy - "to create a world of new communications culture", we started to offer mobile phone services for the first time in Japan. As a leading mobile phone company, we feel that it is important to conduct research and make analysis from various aspects regarding the impact of mobile phones which have been rapidly penetrating into our society over 10 years.

In order to allow us to reveal both aspects of light and shadow of the mobile phones independently apart from our company's or the mobile communication industry's business interests, we established "Mobile Society Research Institute". In this institute, we aim to extend and offer the "light" of mobile phones to the society while minimizing the "shadow" by working out appropriate countermeasures. We believe such our effort may lead to more solid and affluent corporate philosophy and foundation of our company that can better contribute to the society and to our customers.

As an independent organization, Mobile Society Research Institute will study and analyze the impact or cultural influence the mobile communication may have on our current or future society inviting specialists in different fields. At the same time, we will transmit the outcome of these research results widely to inside and outside Japan through research papers, publications, or symposiums.

Activity Indicator of Mobile Soceity Research Institute

Mobile Society Research Institute promote our future activities based on the following three policies.

  1. Think and Act for more affluent and healthier mobile society.

    We pursue convenience and possibilities of mobile technologies, and continue our research so that the benefits can take root to a maximum extent in our society. At the same time, we recognize that a new technology not only brings convenience and possibilities but also it may have negative impacts on our society, and we will examine the strategies to minimize the negative aspect. We aim to build an affluent and healthy mobile society from unrestrained and independent standpoint.

  2. We think together with you.

    In order to identify the impact of mobile technologies from various angles, we observe and examine ourselves and the society together with you. For this, we value interactive communications. We do not just give you one-way reports, but we listen to "your" views, gather various ideas, analyze them, and send these information to the world. One of our missions is to create a "venue" where people can think, talk, and have lively discussions.

  3. We communicate with all members of our society.

    The mobile technology allows all people to connect to the network from wherever they are. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the minds and "feelings" of all types of people. We wish to build an affluent and healthy mobile society where new technologies are readily available and all members of the society are aware of the pros and cons.

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